New: Loomio chat integrations!

Does your organization run on Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Mattermost or Matrix? Loomio has a chatbot for you!

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Collaborative decision making is a fundamental skill that every DAO needs.

Making decisions collaboratively is fundamental for any DAO looking to maximize the potential of its participants.

Let’s look at why this is so important and how to do it well.

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Considerations for Boards in 2021

Much has happened in the world since February 2020. For companies and organizations all over the globe, innovative, fast paced thinking from Executive Teams and Boards have been the key to navigating the global pandemic. Board members have had to interact with each other in different ways - used to face-to-face meetings, they’re now increasingly making decisions via video calls.

Board software has also been useful to support Board members and administrators in simplifying the circulation of Board materials prior to meetings, streamlining decision making prior to Board meetings, supporting online Board meetings and facilitating post-Board meeting actions and follow up.

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A socially-conscious restaurant with 500 founders

Case Study | Urban Space 500 is a Ukranian restaurant that gives 80% of its profits to community projects. They organize their 500 founders and gather their input with Loomio.

A good meal is a powerful thing. It can tantalize the senses, satisfy the stomach, and bring people together around a table. The meals at Urban Space 500 go a step further because 80% of the restaurant’s profits go toward community development projects in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine.

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The importance of place

Case study | LEDA is a co-op of architects and engineers who are improving their community one sustainable building at a time.

LEDA is a cooperative of experienced architects and engineers who design outstanding sustainable buildings that are beautiful, comfortable to be in, and gentle on the planet.

The group has been fabricating and transforming buildings around Leeds, England for the past 20 years. In that time they’ve become specialists in energy-conscious design and developed strategies for minimizing a building’s environmental impacts.

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Loomio 2.5 has arrived!

This is our biggest Loomio release since 2.0. This time we’ve focused on new features – not just speed and behind the scenes. Let’s get right into it:

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Developing cutting-edge policy using Loomio

Case Study | Loomio enabled the Green Party of West Australia’s wide-reaching membership to congregate, collaborate, and agree on policies quickly and efficiently together. The 2019 federal election in Australia was one Kim Smith will never forget. She was up at two in the morning, putting up signs around polling booths and spent the next 24 hours in a flurry of campaign management tasks for the Green Party’s candidate. When the news came a month later that Jordon Steele-John had won the senate seat, Kim says it was one of her proudest moments with the Greens.

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We're all Humans Here

Case Study | The Refugee Buddy Project Hastings, Rother & Weladen (TRBP) is celebrating universal humanity by welcoming and supporting newly arriving refugees to their UK town and using Loomio to organize their rapidly growing group. When Rossana Leal fled Chile in the 1970s, her mum told her they were “headed for a land where giant men wear skirts”. Soon after, they arrived as refugees in Scotland to a chorus of bagpipers wearing kilts.

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Fighting Climate Change by Sharing the Road

Case study | Partago is a Belgium-based car-sharing citizen cooperative enterprise that offers only 100% electric cars. Their mission is to free up space in neighborhoods, reduce carbon emissions and toxic traffic fumes, and make a big dent in the fight against climate change. Here’s how they are using Loomio to bring their mission to reality. Joachim has never owned a car. In his hometown of Ghent, Belgium, it is easy to bike or hop on a bus to most everywhere he needs to go.

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How are you adapting? Resources & events to help

It’s been some months now since COVID-19 has completely changed the way we work, engage, and interact. And while it hasn’t been easy, it is really inspiring to see the way Loomio groups are adapting to these trying circumstances and continuing to create impact. Our friends from the Human Rights Measurement Initiative (HRMI), a nonprofit quantifying each country’s human rights performance, has been able to continue their important work by using Loomio to connect their global network of experts, volunteers, and academics.

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