Funding community renewable projects

Communities around the world are stepping up to the major challenge of our times by building a regenerative low carbon economy.

This movement is picking up pace, with people around the world benefiting from job creation, better environment with less pollution and the knowledge that they are doing their part to ensure that their children will inherit a habitable planet.

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Four patterns of successful groups

Hi there,

I’m John. My work at Loomio is about groups' success.

A big reason why Loomio exists is to help people collaborate to achieve successful outcomes.

We are constantly surprised at the ways in which groups around the world use Loomio to do just that, with less time and effort, and this month we want to highlight some of that magic with…

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Investing in community

Many people like to support local business by shopping at their neighborhood co-op, but they may not realize that they can take that support to the next level. Co-ops are member-owned organizations, which means they offer their customers the opportunity to take ownership in the company by investing financially.

A few years ago, Elias Gardner and his coworkers undertook the process of restructuring their school into a worker-owned, educational co-op where the financial and logistical decisions were dispersed across the group.

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Securing the zero carbon act NZ needs

Let’s help Generation Zero (GenZero) fuel their last push to secure a high quality version of the Zero Carbon Act in New Zealand!

GenZero has ignited a huge movement for urgent action on climate change.

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Uniting charities for a common cause

Charities are built to support communities but they are rarely offered support, themselves. That’s exactly what James Carlin set out to do when he co-founded the Bath and Northeast Somerset’s 3rd Sector Group (3SG for short).

Around four years ago, after Bath lost it’s charity support agency, the founders of 3SG stepped in to quickly build an organisation that could act in its place—facilitating funding from regional sources and helping to unify charities with similar missions.

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Loomio is back! New pricing, new stories, new features.

Kia ora from the whole Loomio team in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

I’m Rob, co-founder and developer of the app.

It’s been almost two years since our last update - which is way too long, so today I’ve got three big announcements to share with you:

  1. Radical pricing for radical organizations
  2. Monthly stories of incredible users.
  3. Loomio 2.0 - mobile app out soon!

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Helping UK cooperatives thrive

How do you role-model a democratic workplace?

This was the question on Austen Cordasco’s mind as he set out to integrate new technology to improve decision-making within Co-operative Assistance Network Limited (CAN).

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Leading Italy into the future of work; mondora creates benefit for all

What if the purpose of companies was “to create benefit for the world and try to make it a better place”? Or if they had “employee happiness” as a key performance indicator? While it may seem far-fetched at first, we at Loomio have the privilege of serving one such company that is leading the way and showing how businesses can make a meaningful and sustainable contribution to our communities.

mondora is a software services company and a benefit corporation. They care about how their software products are being crafted and used, considering how both people and planet are impacted. For example, they track the paper (and trees) that are saved in the use of their application that allows banks to easily keep digital records.

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Score polling is here!

You asked, we listened. We’re happy to announce that score polling is now possible with Loomio. Score polling is a simple but expressive voting process which captures the level of preference voters have for each option in the poll. In practice this means voters choose a “score” from 0 to 9 – or any range you choose – for each option in the poll. As organizations move away from the traditional majority or consensus vote, the score poll will complement the advice process when it comes to decision making.

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Richard Bartlett talks Occupy, Collective Intelligence, Teal, Scuttlebutt & Solarpunk

This year Rich & Nati have been delivering collaboration workshops around Europe as The Hum, and in the downtime, Rich has been talking with people about the topics he cares about.

I’m pleased to share some of that talking with you in the form of these interviews.

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