Securing the zero carbon act NZ needs

Let’s help Generation Zero (GenZero) fuel their last push to secure a high quality version of the Zero Carbon Act in New Zealand!

GenZero has ignited a huge movement for urgent action on climate change.

From GenZero’s origins of a few young people in 2010, growing to a nationwide team of 200 mobilizing over 13,000 young kiwis in following years, GenZero used Loomio from its earliest beta version.

The Zero Carbon Act campaign began passionately in 2016, and the New Zealand government has recently produced a Zero Carbon Act to be implemented in 2019.

It’s time to take action, however, as GenZero founder Chelsea Robinson says, The Act lacks some of the key features of the initial proposal made by the campaign, and there are only a few weeks to make changes. We need your help now, and we have a plan.

We’re delighted to support GenZero in this important work and encourage you to support our young people at GenZero and Donate to the campaign for the Zero Carbon Act.

More info here: Zero Carbon Bill revealed: everything you need to know